Red Wines

Our red wines run the spectrum from bone dry to very sweet. We use vinifera, French hybrid, and American varietal grapes, and American oak barrels. We craft modern takes on old-school classics.

White Wines

Our white wines include a range of sugar levels and vary from tart and crisp to soft and fruity. All of our white wines are unwooded, a style we feel allows a brighter expression of the grape and a cleaner finish.

Fruit Wines

Our authentic fruit wines are made from 100% of the fruit on the label. These traditional wines are made from the highest quality fruits, sourced as locally as possible. We finish our fruit wines sweet and suggest serving them cold with sharp cheeses and chocolates.

Dessert Wines

Our dessert wines range from traditional ports to more playful creations. These sweet, fortified selections are perfect to savor after a meal or to enjoy as a cocktail.

Specialty Wines

Unique wines with cinnamon, cloves, and other distinct flavors